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C'mon and take a FREE RIDE!

Give your car and wallet a break
Let the TTD's South Shore Bus Service give you a ride this holiday season on select routes.

Why are we giving away rides?
Sure, public transit means fewer cars on the roads. And, yes, that translates into better air quality and less congestion. But what you don’t know, until you experience it, is that taking our buses is convenient, comfortable, and best of all affordable. In other words, we think once you try us, you’ll be hooked. So, come on. Take as many free rides as you want.

Ride free on California routes 50 and 53
“Free rides” are good for unlimited travel on these select routes on the following dates:

Every day from Christmas Eve day through New Year's Day!!

Click here for Route 50 Schedule

Click here for Route 53 Schedule

Riders Guide edit web 2016 Route 50 and 53 map only

So, how was the trip?

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Questions on the program? Call us at:
530.541.7149 or email us at transit@tahoetransportation.org

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