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The Meek's Bay Bike Trail Project is one of TTD's transportation projects in the Lake Tahoe Basin aimed to connect existing paved multi-use paths to complete a premier bikeway circiling Lake Tahoe. As of October 2018, the project will be very close to completion and will allow for cyclists to continue south from Sugar Pine Point State Park (where the trail used to end and put cyclists on SR89) to Meek's Bay Resort. The new stretch is a 0.7 mile long Class 1 10-foot wide, paved bike path, with rockery retaining walss and a new foot bridge.

The connectivity of trails around the Lake Tahoe Basin is also one of TTD's endeavors to expand transportation choices and recreation options that promote the enjoyment of the Tahoe Basin, while improving safety and protecting environmentally sensitve resources.  Seventy-two percent of the particulates impacting Lake Tahoe's clarity come from the transportation system.

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North Demonstration Bike Project Flyer - 2012

NV Bike Summit Presentation January 2013 (.ppt)

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Project Documents

Concept Document - March 2008

Desired Design Parameters - April 2009

Opportunities and Constraints Evaluation Report - May 2009

Final Feasibility Study Report - June 2011

Joint Environmental Assessment - March 2014

Project Maps
Map of Proposed Transportation System Improvements 



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To complete a premier separated Bikeway circling Lake Tahoe that connects communities, enhances recreational opportunities, expands transportation choices, and promotes the enjoyment of the Tahoe Basin.

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Connecting on the NV side with existing segments about 30+ miles of new trail construction. Initial demonstration projects are planned from Incline Village to Sand Harbor (North/East Shore) and Lake Parkway/commercial core to Round Hill Pines Beach (South/East Shore).

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Although existing bicycle/pedestrian paths are popular, the use of non-auto transportation, within the Tahoe Basin and to adjacent destinations, has been limited by the lack of a complete network. The need for broadening transportation choices and providing an alternative to private car use is becoming a priority as the number of area residents and visitors continues to increase.

The purpose is to provide non-auto transportation opportunities that link recreation areas, community centers, transportation facilities and neighborhoods around the lake to expand recreation access and transportation choices for residents and visitors to the Tahoe Basin. The bikeway will not only provide a spectacular recreation opportunity, but also provides non-motorized access to public beaches, coves and trails along the picturesque shoreline. These popular recreation areas are generally accessed by automobile. Paved parking is limited and the high demand for these areas lead to shoulder parking and erosion problems. Providing bicycle links to all recreation areas, to communities and to resort/commercial areas is an important step to reducing vehicle and parking impacts, improving the multi modal options available to residents and visitors, improving safety, and providing an unparalleled recreation experience in the bikeway itself.

Currently, separated bicycle paths are very limited on the Nevada side of the lake. Popular public beaches and coves along the East Shore are accessed primarily by car. The environment is impacted not only by higher emissions, but also by shoulder parking with erosion and water quality consequences and by the congestion of vehicles.

Recent surveys have indicated public support for an expanded, around-the-lake bicycle/pedestrian trail.

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Initial concepts call for a combination of separated bicycle/pedestrian paths, off-street right of way, striped on-road lanes and signed shared-use roadways. Slated for the planning and design team are: AECOM, Alta Planning + Design, LSC Transportation Consultants, Inc., Lumos & Associates and Tom Packard & Associates.

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America's Most Beautiful Bikeway is being developed to provide:


  • Safer Bicycling and Walking Opportunities - to encourage the shift in travel demand by commuters, residents and visitors with safe access and to promote a healthier lifestyle
  • An Alternative to Private Car Use - to reduce environmental impact, improving air quality by decreasing emissions and lake clarity by reducing particulate run-off which supports the protection, restoration and sustainability of the natural resources of the Basin
  • An Unparalleled Recreation Experience - the unmatched scenic quality of the bike path itself, along with its visitor amenities, eg., vista points, interpretive signage, improved ADA access and connectivity to Lake Tahoe.


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On the Nevada side, a Feasibility Study was completed June 2011 for the full 30+ miles of Bikeway. The Environmental Assessment (EA) was completed for the South Demonstration Project Lake Parkway to Round Hill Pines Beach March 2011. The South Demonstration Bikeway Phase 1B construction was completed June 2013 and Phase 1C was completed October 2013.

For the North Demonstration Project, a Notice of Preparation Public Scoping Meeting was distributed in 2011 and included two public scoping meetings. The Project is currently under the environmental review phase with two potential alternatives alignments under consideration.  The public comment period on the EA is scheduled to conclude on April 11, 2014, with project approval by TRPA and the Federal Highway Administration scheduled for June 2014.  Construction for the Project is scheduled for summer 2015, should the project be approved.

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Project Partners
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Public input is vital to all of the planning process and by involving the community-at-large in the planning process, greater stewardship and support of the implementation, maintenance/management, and funding of America's Most Beautiful Ride can be encouraged.

Please watch this space for dates, times and locations of public participation opportunities. Or join our mailing list by clicking here.

Please email your questions or comments to info@tahoetransportation.org

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