Clean Transit

The Tahoe Transportation District (TTD) is committed to providing clean and sustainable transportation solutions for the Lake Tahoe region. TTD competed for, and was awarded, three consecutive years of Low or No Emission federal grants to support Clean Transit.

TTD’s Clean Transit Initiative is focused on improving fleet reliability, reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the Lake Tahoe Basin, providing a clean and quiet solution for neighborhood transit, and reducing operating costs while helping TTD comply with the California Air Resources Board’s Innovative Clean Transit Rule years before it is required.

LTCC Mobility Hub Project

The Lake Tahoe Community College (LTCC) Mobility Hub project includes two overhead, fast chargers to accommodate a 10-minute quick-charge for on-route Proterra buses. The facility also features two overnight, pedestal chargers for the electric buses along with passenger amenities including heated ADA-accessible sidewalks, bicycle storage and maintenance station, and passenger notification screens.

The project was developed through a strategic partnership with TTD, LTCC, and Liberty Utilities.