Fare-Free Transit Begins April 12

Beginning Sunday, April 12, 2020, Tahoe Transportation District(TTD) will offer zero-fare service on all transit routes to make travel safer in response to COVID-19 by eliminating fare exchanges between transit operators and riders. This accelerated roll-out of TTD’s planned transition to a zero-fare program is intended to assist the community during this difficult time and […]

Update on TTD’s Transit Service in Response to COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic rapidly evolves, Tahoe Transportation District (TTD) continues to operate regular transit services for essential workers and services during the shelter-in-place order. TTD understands that public transportation is part of the community’s critical infrastructure and is committed to ensuring that transit services remain safe and reliable. TTD is not cancelling routes or […]

Innovative Use of Cellular Data Earns National Transportation Planning Award

Stantec Consulting Services Inc. and the Tahoe Transportation District (TTD) have been recognized with a Gold National Planning AchievementAward for Transportation Planning by the American Planning Association (APA). The award recognizes Mobility Planning on the Cellular Level, an initiative that used cellular data to understand visitor trips and develop recommendations to reduce congestion and increase […]