I received a parking Notice for non-payment of a metered parking fee; now what?

You may pay online at the link below. Be sure to have your Notice or license plate number and credit or debit card available. Failure to respond to the Notice within 30 days will result in additional penalties assessed beginning on day 31 and again at day 61. If the fine is not paid after 90 days, the Notice may be sent to collections. In addition to the fine amount, there is a one-time processing fee of $4.00 and beginning on day 31, a 28.5% vendor service fee on the escalated amount.

Pay online with debit or credit card: parktahoe.rmcpay.com

To appeal a notice: parktahoe.rmcpay.com. All appeals must be within 15 days of the Notice issuance date for non-compliance to pay parking fee

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