Route 50 service extended during select Tahoe Blue Event Center events

Tahoe Transportation District is pleased to announce the extension of route 50 to accommodate select Tahoe Blue Event Center events throughout 2024.

TTD will operate the Route 50 Express, serving ONLY the stops listed below. The route will extend to the Kingsbury Transit Center (parking garage adjacent to Kahle Dr. on eastbound Highway 50). The final departure is planned for 9:30 pm from the Tahoe Blue Event Center.

Route 50 Express will serve all stops listed below. Those displaying times are timed stop locations. For stops displaying the “~” symbol, please defer to the time designated at the timed stop location listed immediately before.

Buses will stop on US 50 directly in front of the Tahoe Blue Event Center at the designated bus stop. If you’re planning on attending a event, be sure to take advantage of the expanded FREE service on:

April 4: Nate Bargatze

For up-to-date information, download the transit app:

4 thoughts on “Route 50 service extended during select Tahoe Blue Event Center events

  1. Are there any later bus rides from event center Wed. Jan. 24 Bryan Adams concert? We plan on riding there but then there doesn’t appear to be bus service after 8:30 or so.

  2. The Reggae Festival headliner will likely end right when the last bus is scheduled-11:15, if everything is on time. It will be difficult to catch that bus with the time needed for the crowds to exit the venue.

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